I have been poisoned due to which my body has become incapacitated, the Pakistan cricketer made a big accusation Imran Nazir, who entered the world of cricket in the late nineties, started his aggressive batting as an opener, he made a name for himself with his performance and became quite popular, many brands hired him but unfortunately. His cricket career ended soon.

Recently, he revealed on the private TV show “Hansna Muni Hai” that he was once poisoned by someone, which had terrible effects on his physical health.

Imran Nazir said that he was lying on the bed, he could not move his legs and body.Imran Nazir said that he was injected with mercury, which made almost all the joints of his body useless.The former cricketer said, “If there is a pain in one of the joints of one’s body, one remembers the next and the previous, as my time passed, I know or my Lord.”

“This poison affected my 10 joints, I couldn’t even walk properly, I didn’t even wash my mouth in the morning, I didn’t shed tears in front of anyone,” he said.He said, “I used to go to the bathroom and cry and say, Oh God, how much more is my punishment, but still I spent this time very bravely, Alhamdulillah.”

He said that it was a very bad time in his life. His body was weak and that was when his spouse proved herself as a life saver and stood by him.