A new history in cricket, India scored 43 runs in an over


During a cricket match in India, 43 runs were scored in an over. ESPNcricinfo has shared a video of a domestic cricket match in India on its Twitter account, in which the batter. According to the website, the batting of the Maharashtra team was going on, in the 49th over, the batsman Rituraj made a good attack on the bowler and hit four sixes in four balls.

The bowler came under pressure after such a beating by the batter and bowled the fifth ball, on which the batsman also hit a six on the no ball, due to which 7 runs were scored on one ball. Hit the balls continuously for sixes and scored 43 runs in one over.

This is the first incident in the history of cricket in which it is not common for a batsman to score 43 runs in 6 balls.